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Swedish Massage
Firm but gentle, our signature full body massage will help relax everyday muscular tension and sooth aches and pains.
   30 min. - $50   60 min. - $80   90 min. - $110

Tension Relief Massage
This pressure point massage targets areas in the head, neck, back and shoulders, removing tension with the use of hot towels.
   30 min. - $55   60 min. - $85   90 min. - $115

Aroma Therapy Massage
Relax with a massage that will enlighten your senses with aromatherapy.
   30 min. - $50   60 min. - $80   90 min. - $110

Deep Tissue Massage
This type of massage alleviates considerable muscular tension.  It is designed for guests that require deeper pressure during their massage.
   30 min. - $65   60 min. - $90   90 min. - $120

Hot Stone Massage
This therapy is done with heated stones and warm essential oils.  As the heat of the stones begin to release tension and nervous fatigue, you will experience a more balanced flow of energy.
                                                      80min. - $115

Pregnancy Massage
A massage customized for the very special needs of moms-to-be. Our  sidelined method using a body pillow, allows our therapists to gently relieve stress on weight bearing joints, ease neck and back pain, and help reduce water retention.  Nothing makes for a happy baby like a relaxed and happy mom.
Note: We do not massage in the first trimester.
            30 min. - $50                       60 min. - $85

A healing system in which specific points on the feet, known as reflex points, are manipulated.  These reflex points are believed to correspond with every major organ and area of the body.                30 min. - $50

Add to any service: 
Paraffin foot or hand $20
Foot Massage $50

 Massage Therapy
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